Automatic Invoicing -application server automates generating,
routing and archiving of invoices and customer statements.

  • in XML format for automatic import into recipient's ERP
  • as authenticated e-mail secured by one time pass code
  • as e-mail attachment to recipient's e-mail
  • by fax
  • as printed ground mail

The system delivers invoices and statements by using each recipient's preferred method.
Appearance of letters can be defined by a custom design tool, which is easy to use.

Each letter is printed in recipient's own language and produced in a single run.

These letters can be delivered, among others:

  • Invoices
  • Dunning letters
  • Balance statements
  • Interest adjustment notifications
  • Account statements
  • Interest expense statements
  • Repayment schedule
  • Collateral statements
  • Interest subsidy invoices
  • Bond subscription invoices
  • Credit insurance bills
  • Swap clearing statements