Risks Management

Single source of truth

Input data for all exposure reports is always drawn from the single, original database.
Because separate data intelligence is not used data pollution, because of accrual runs, for example, is inherently avoided.
Correctness of reports is always verified by using the original data source, not from purpose defined interim data collections.

Automatic alerts

User can set multiple alert threshold values for ReportManager. Depending on their urgency, alerts can be targeted to ReportManager display, e-mail, mobile phone or fax.

Interest rate exposure

Interest rate exposure can be updated continuously in graphics on ReportManager

Counter party exposure

Besides financial contracts, all other liabilities are automatically taken into account. Collaterals, mutual guarantees and collateral ownerships, limit values are can be reported by ongoing bases. Besides current exposures, the future development of exposure can be reported and displayed graphically.

Arrears management

Alert threshold value can be classified by using customer profile. Arrears can be controlled individually by web interface.
Dunning letters can be classified incrementally without technical restrictions.
The system reminds the users when advising is lagging or penalty interest has not been collected in due course.

Limits control

Critical values can be preset for individual fields in contract data entry.
All transactions are logged automatically along with descriptive context information.

Hedging verification

Hedging instruments can be tested at any time against current contract database, in order to test its effectiveness or excess hedging.

Commodity Price Exposure

Comp Futures module handles commodity price exposures and valuates commodity futures by Black-Scholes method.