Software Modules


Funding – Borrowing, money market investments, in-house banking instruments.
Futures – Currency and commodity derivatives
Bond Issue – Retail bond issue, custody contracts management., funds share management
Corporate Lending – Lending to corporate and public sector, interest subsidy loans.
Mortgage Lending – Housing finance, micro credits.
Leasing – Leasing and hire purchase financing, sales finance.
Fixed Assets – Fixed assets integrated with Comp Leasing
Balance Management – Exposure reporting, money market derivatives, financial planning
Credit Insurance – Credit and contract fulfillment guarantees, commission invoicing
General Ledger – Accounting, payables and sales receivables management

- Each module can also be used as independent sub ledger

Application servers

ReportManager – stores, delivers and archives reports – designs, composes, delivers, stores and represents invoices and letters
CompTimer – automates repeated tasks